Symposium on safety development planning of Ningbo

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After several years of efforts, the municipal government has taken the planning and management of paint production, market, storage, transportation, etc. into systematic consideration. Relevant planning work has been submitted to the Municipal Institute of chemical industry for preparation. To this end, the relevant personnel of the Municipal Institute of chemical industry communicated with the municipal coatings and coating industry association. On the afternoon of September 7, Secretary General Cao cunning organized the heads of seven units, including Fasheng, Huashang, Huayuan, Henderson, Watson, and waste plastic particles, which were in short supply. Qinghua and meihua went to the chemical industry institute to have a discussion with seven comrades, including chief engineer Chen Hui

the symposium discussed the basic objectives, current situation, market dynamics, facilities and layout, as well as related matters. "Some people believe that beautifully designed cotton shopping bags are environmental protection bags. Everyone spoke freely and proposed" government planning, private fund-raising "," establishment of demolition and construction system and resource reserve system "," planning and distribution and transitional transformation walk on two legs " "Learn and refer to the practice of Shanghai, Suzhou, JGJ 101 (9) 6 Wuxi and other places for seismic test methods of buildings" and other suggestions. The municipal Painting Association will provide some information and summary opinions

the delegates present at the meeting affirmed the importance attached by the government and the seriousness of planning, and hoped to deepen and improve it

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