SWOT analysis of the hottest bar code industry

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SWOT analysis of bar code industry

the survival and development of any industry are faced with the influence of the external environment and the constraints of internal factors. The external factors that most affect the industry may not only bring profit opportunities, but also threaten to weaken the economic feasibility; However, due to the large scope and high market share within the industry, enterprises will have strengths with comparative advantages and weaknesses that are not enough to turn opportunities into profits. The development of industry should not only grasp various opportunities that can give full play to their advantages to obtain benefits and improve market share; At the same time, we should also take into account all kinds of possible threats and losses caused by being unprepared due to our lack of strength. This evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis in business strategy management

after more than 10 years of development, China's bar code industry has entered the industrial take-off stage. In this situation, how to reasonably formulate the industrial development strategy and properly determine the target market of the bar code industry is the key to the sustainable growth of the industry in the future. Based on such a background, this paper uses the idea of SWOT analysis to analyze the development status of China's bar code industry

advantage (s) analysis

China's bar code industry is growing together with China article coding Center (ANCC). ANCC joined the international Article Numbering Association (EAN) on behalf of China in 1991, marking the official birth of China's bar code industry. After 15 years of development, China's bar code industry has accumulated a certain industrial scale, technical foundation and industrial application experience. From the perspective of the industry, our advantages are mainly reflected in:

1. Path advantage

although China's bar code industry started late, it made full use of its late development advantages and chose a different development path. China's bar code industry has introduced foreign advanced technology from the beginning of its development, cutting people from a high starting point. This makes the application of bar code in China synchronized with the world's most advanced technology from the beginning. After the bar code industry has formed a certain scale and accumulated funds and experience, it will be transferred to the independent research and development process. At this time, the research and development is not only a further exploration on the previous achievements, but also a higher sinusoidal vibration experiment based on experience accumulation; Random vibration experiment; Level R & D. This research result has better applicability and can be more suitable for Chinese enterprises. The choice of this development mode makes the application of bar code and technology research and development form a benign interaction mechanism, and promotes the healthy and rapid development of both. This is also the biggest advantage of the development of China's bar code industry

2. Technological breakthrough

after years of efforts, we finally began to get rid of the monopoly of the United States and Japan in bar code technology. The QR code developed by Chinese people has passed the identification and entered the application stage. Longbei code developed by Longbei Information Technology Co., Ltd. and cm two-dimensional barcode developed by Shenzhen Sigan Technology Co., Ltd. are relatively representative technologies. In the field of technology and equipment, a large number of companies that produce equipment with independent intellectual property rights, such as Beiyang, Fujian new world, Shenyang Xianda, Shenyang Kaitai, upper ball screw pair drive, middle beam Hynix, etc., have emerged. Their products range from bar code printers to data scanning and acquisition

3. Product diversification

from the perspective of bar code products, products have entered the stage of diversification and can meet the special application requirements of different departments. Bar code products in China have evolved from a single medium to a variety of forms. In addition to the traditional paper bar code labels, a variety of new materials are also used to meet the harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure and corrosion. The flagship products in the development of new bar code materials are the permanent ceramic bar code of Changzhou Sanjing Shenzhou technology and the metal bar code of Chongqing shengbiao metal bar code company

4. Market foundation

from the perspective of bar code promotion, China's bar code industry has a good market foundation and great market potential. According to ANCC statistics, by the end of 2003, more than 90000 enterprises in China had applied for commodity bar codes. It is widely used in product packaging, automatic sales settlement and logistics transportation. At present, there are more than 1million products represented by bar codes in China. There are more than 10000 commercial supermarkets and distribution centers that use bar codes to automatically scan, settle and manage in time, which has laid a good foundation for the application of e-commerce and various advanced management technologies. This has laid a good market foundation for the future development of bar code industry. At the same time, from the bar code application practice of these enterprises, China's bar code enterprises have also accumulated a lot of industry experience, which can play an important role in the future market promotion and industrial development

5. Industrial scale

from the perspective of the scale of the bar code industry, the bar code industry has begun to take shape. At present, China has formed an industrial team composed of nearly 1000 enterprises engaged in the R & D, production, sales and application system integration of bar code and automatic identification equipment. From selling and selling foreign products on a commission basis to self-development, development and production, it is gradually moving towards localization, with annual sales of more than one billion yuan. At the same time, with the efforts of ANCC and all sectors of society, China has established research institutions for automatic recognition and trained a large number of research and application talents. All these will lay a solid foundation for the benign development of the industry in the future

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