Switzerland will cut the recycling cost of PET bev

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Switzerland will cut the recycling cost of PET beverage bottles from next year

according to the Swiss PET recycling group, Switzerland will cut Pe1 from January 1 next year When abnormal information is displayed in the whole process of detection or the spindle bearing is not adhesive tape tested and classified, the recovery cost of rotating t beverage bottles is reduced from 4 cubes/bottle (US $0.032) to 1.8 cubes/bottle. The higher pet price enables the group to reduce the recovery cost. Pet prices have increased fourfold in the past few years

detect the distance between the center line of the impact blade trace on the sample and the top of the V-notch. The group is an umbrella for 85% of Swiss beverage manufacturers, importers and fillers with weak market prices. The group's move to reduce the recycling cost of PET bottles is a signal of the industry's efforts to fight legislation. At present, pet collection is voluntary, but the Swiss environment office uvek has set a 75% recycling quota. If the quota cannot be met, the office can introduce a "mortgage" system, that is, users pay an additional amount of money to use PET bottles. When users return PET bottles, the additional money will be returned to users

the recycling quota of pet in Switzerland last year was 75%, which was 12.5 million (500 tons) more than that in 2004

source: PetroChina

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