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XCMG strides towards new internationalization, showing a different wonderful journey

XCMG strides towards new internationalization, showing a different wonderful journey

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in the strategic planning of XCMG, if technology is the root, then internationalization is the leaf, and only when it is deep-rooted can it flourish. All XCMG's efforts in technology will ultimately be reflected in its international competitiveness. In the new global journey of China Construction machinery, XCMG is ready to go

in 2011, XCMG acquired two basic parts R & D and manufacturing enterprises, AMCA in the Netherlands and FT in Germany. In 2012, XCMG acquired schweiying, a global leader in concrete machinery

in 2013, XCMG Germany, the U.S. R & D center and the European procurement center were put into operation. The performance and precision of the digging machine in Uzbekistan determine its test results. The digging machine joint venture factory was put into operation, and together with Poland, Iran and other countries, it formed six overseas assembly plants

in 2014, the phase I project of XCMG Brazil manufacturing base, with a total investment of US $200million, covering an area of 800000 square meters and an annual output of 7000 hosts, was completed and put into operation, creating the first international model in South America

the internationalization of simply selling products has become a thing of the past. "Going out from products to personnel, and then to enterprises, capital and culture" has become the main form of XCMG's new internationalization journey

how should made in China stand in the world? Obviously, the large scale and low cost can no longer apply to the new competitive environment. XCMG's answer is to integrate global resources, build a global construction machinery industry value chain with XCMG as the core, and occupy the high-end position of the industrial value chain

"the world's first crane" XCMG 4000 ton crawler crane successfully lifted its first crane

independent innovation is by no means equal to its own innovation. XCMG has long realized the technological path of introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation. Take every opportunity to increase cooperation with international top companies with the operational advantages of wood-based panel universal testing machine, and constantly shorten the distance from the world's first-line level. Globalization requires not only the vision of globalization, but also the ability of globalization, an ability to integrate the world's top resources. This requires not only the hard power of industrial resource integration, but also the soft ability of cultural differences integration

among them, the acquisition of Shi Weiying is a key step related to the overall situation on XCMG's internationalization road map. Up to now, after friction, running in and integration, XCMG and schweiying, the two concrete machinery brands coordinated by China and Germany, have deduced the magic story of 1+1 2, firmly ranking among the top three in the world, and maintaining a leading position in markets outside China

XCMG exports 10000 hosts to 169 countries every year, and its market share continues to rank among the top three in the global industry not only in major developing countries such as South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia and central and Eastern Europe, but also in developed countries. XCMG has achieved a breakthrough entry in small batches of hosts in the United States, Canada and Japan

in 2014, XCMG had formulated its export plan early, not only developing countries, but also developed countries. This time, as a Chinese enterprise, it no longer focuses on price, but gradually shifts to brand, technology and services, especially services that provide the best construction application solutions

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, judged that with the slowdown of the industry and the high integration of Chinese and foreign enterprises, the construction machinery industry will enter a global post competitive era in a few years, and enterprises will move from competition to competition and cooperation, from single product competition to global brand competition

XCMG's future goal is to comprehensively accelerate internationalization and significantly increase overseas market share. "If you can't get a considerable share of the global market, you can't catch up and become a real world-class enterprise."

"the future of XCMG's internationalization is not simply the sharp increase of its overseas income index. It is a trend to replicate the global manufacturing model from made in China to made in Brazil; the global R & D layout that follows the global base is another trend. The layout that takes the lead in research and development in Europe and the United States is to 'learn from foreigners and master technology to control foreigners', so as to bring Europe and North America into the main territory of XCMG's global market."

the new international picture is gradually unfolding. Let's wait and see what wonderful XCMG will show the world

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