Five minutes ago, Suzhou Zhangpu social security p

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[5 minutes ago] Suzhou Zhangpu social security payment hardware and electricity optimization [credit service outsourcing]

[5 minutes ago] Suzhou Zhangpu social security payment hardware and electricity optimization [credit service outsourcing]

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product brand credit service outsourcing product models are complete production city Suzhou shipping city Suzhou total supply 10000 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 3000 units of measurement set product details

[5 minutes ago] Suzhou Zhangpu social security payment hardware and electrical optimization [credit service outsourcing]

social security payment

Introduction to Suzhou Xiaoxin service outsourcing Co., Ltd.:

Suzhou Xiaoxin service outsourcing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017. It is a leading outsourcing service organization in China. The group is committed to becoming * * * an influential outsourcing service solution provider, making service outsourcing realize value * * *, so as to promote social development and make our society more harmonious and beautiful. The main businesses of the group include: personnel outsourcing, manufacturing outsourcing, e-commerce outsourcing, third-party sorting and other professional fields. "Suzhou Xiaoxin" has formed a market-oriented scale advantage, so it adopts an optimized cost strategy to obtain market share. The company always takes customer satisfaction as its responsibility, attaches importance to each customer who completes the update and upgrading of materials, and has a rich experience and pragmatic management team, which can ensure the provision of * * * services. Especially for each project, we will conduct a special risk analysis at the beginning of the negotiation, and strive to adopt a * * * based project operation mode to reduce the policy and structural risks to * * *. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of customers' funds, ensure that the special funds are used exclusively, and eliminate customers' worries at home, "Suzhou Xiaoxin" has the ability and strength to advance wages and social security fees in full after charging fees. At the beginning of its establishment, "Suzhou Xiaoxin" took labor information as its main business, and has incomparable advantages in multi-level labor organization, information release, collection and recruitment compared with other human resources companies. At present, "Suzhou Xiaoxin" has formed a scale advantage of transporting tens of thousands of workers

details of Suzhou Xiaoxin service outsourcing Co., Ltd.:

main industry: engaged in enterprise production process processing and quality inspection processing by undertaking service outsourcing; Production line process improvement; Labor dispatch operation; Enterprise management consulting, enterprise management services, market research, business information consulting, conference services, property management, cleaning services, housekeeping services; Undertake: landscape engineering, architectural decoration engineering; R & D and sales: electronic products, mechanical equipment, hardware and electrical equipment, labor protection supplies, and engaged in the testing services of the above commodities

business model:

whether to provide processing/customization services: no

capital: RMB 2million

time of establishment: 2017

place of registration: Jiangsu/Suzhou

enterprise type: limited company

legal representative: Liu Taiwu

Industrial and commercial registration number:

plant area: square meters

monthly output:

service area:

number of employees: 11 - 50 crack growth rate wave in human

research experimental alloy The number of dynamic department: 5-10

Quality Control: internal

Suzhou Xiaoxin service outsourcing Co., Ltd. interprets a new chapter in the industry for you:

provide customers with professional HR personnel and provide one-stop whole process personnel services. Social insurance/housing social security base review, declaration, payment, account consolidation and transfer; Base audit, declaration, payment, account consolidation, withdrawal and other consulting. The entry and exit service provides various personnel certificates according to the files, handles the procedures of employment/exit, reviews and consults, and assists in dealing with talent introduction, etc

talent/position outsourcing services specifically provide long-term (short-term) talent/position outsourcing services to help enterprises realize faster, more flexible and more efficient employment, reasonably control costs, avoid legal risks to a certain extent, and solve enterprise employment needs. Employee salary outsourcing services include salary design, employee salary calculation, employee salary payment and withholding personal income tax services

[5 minutes ago] Suzhou Zhangpu social security paid hardware and communications preferred [credit service outsourcing]

people and provided useful resources. Resource outsourcing and labor dispatch tax related processing. Honglei financial and tax services labor dispatch are both modern services/business auxiliary services/human resource services. Human resource services refer to business activities that provide services such as public employment, labor dispatch, entrusted recruitment of talents, and labor outsourcing. Human resource outsourcing is paid in accordance with the provisions of the notice on further clarifying the policies related to labor dispatch services and toll deduction of the pilot of replacing business tax with value-added tax in an all-round way (CS [2016] No. 47) issued yesterday

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