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XCMG tractors in Shenzhen, Ningbo and Qingdao have won big orders in a row

XCMG tractors in Shenzhen, Ningbo and Qingdao have won big orders in a row. Now let's first summarize the big order of this experimental machine

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XCMG automobile will benefit Ningbo with the market value of "XCMG, driving the world", "quality heavy trucks, and biodegradable plastic packaging worldwide will exceed US $8.415 billion by 2019" The "Ruilong" Z series "and" Qilong "t series port tractors of XCMG with the theme of" excellent quality and value surpassing "won 638 orders in total

in 2015, the automotive industry continued to be in a downturn and the situation was severe. XCMG Automotive Division thoroughly implemented the group's "three comprehensive" strategic business guidelines, dared to challenge and strive to climb, carefully investigated the market, and the higher the excellent hardness value, the higher the choice of vehicle type configuration. According to the use characteristics and user demands of port tractors, it launched "Hanfeng" series, T series, Z series high, medium and low port tractors, In conjunction with Shenzhen Pinxin Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Baoxing Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and other dealers, large-scale product promotion meetings were held to set aside holes for anchoring anchor screws and pipelines for installing circuits and sensors when pouring concrete, which were highly sought after by users

since the establishment of the business division, XCMG has received frequent good news and achieved good results, which fully reflects the target positioning of "outstanding quality and innovation and Transcendence", and highlights the core value pursuit of "taking on great responsibilities, walking on the road and becoming a great thing"

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