Five national standards for the detection methods

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On October 13, the National Standards Commission approved the release of five national standards of "high speed EMU vehicle glass performance testing methods", which will minimize the safety risks caused by "flying birds" encountered by high-speed rail

"the higher the speed, the greater the mass, the greater the impact on the glass. In order to ensure the personal safety of passengers in the car, we must rely on special glass or safety film to block the impact, so even if the glass is damaged, it cannot be penetrated to the international advanced level." Zang Shuguang, deputy director of the national safety glass and quartz glass quality inspection center, said in an interview

it was learned from the relevant new national standards for high-speed railway windshields and windows released on the same day that the new high-speed railway glass will be thickened at high temperature in production. Innovative connection technology will make multiple materials lightweight without worries, oxidation will improve hardness, oil film fossil Moyne is a new member of the graphite family, and other processes will make the high-speed railway glass stronger under external "impact" and have anti splash film

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