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XCMG, create a better life for mankind with green development

XCMG, create a better life for mankind with green development

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as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry and a pioneer of Chinese brands, XCMG group practices the concept of sustainable development and is committed to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction from the aspects of supply chain management system, green research and development, green manufacturing, remanufacture, etc, Vigorously develop circular economy and create a better living environment

green concept, XCMG makes the world a better place

XCMG's goal is to strive to move towards the middle and high-end of the global industrial chain with high-quality development. In the process of product research and development and manufacturing, adhering to the principle of "the most environmentally friendly and resource-saving", XCMG uses cleaner technology and more energy-saving equipment to produce more efficient products, which not only reduces the consumption of energy and other natural resources, but also effectively improves its ability of transformation and development, At the same time, it brings high added value to customers, enterprises and social development

Wu Jianglong, vice president of XCMG machinery, said, "XCMG takes' exploring engineering technology and providing solutions for global engineering construction and sustainable development 'as its mission and vision, and has always been committed to building a better home for mankind. Adhering to the core values of taking on great responsibilities, walking on the road and achieving great things, XCMG adheres to the concept of' three concepts, balancing and moving forward with low carbon ', so as to realize the stable and long-term development of the enterprise. The whole value chain links include supply chain management, design and development, production and manufacturing, and remanufacturing To achieve 'structural adjustment, chain optimization, energy conservation and emission reduction', the business activities of the enterprise always focus on green and sustainable development. XCMG actively practices the society and goes beyond the traditional concept of taking profit as the only goal. "

actively explore and seize the commanding height of "green manufacturing"

XCMG actively advocates "green manufacturing" to help customers achieve energy conservation and emission reduction with innovative products and create higher benefits; Continuously improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, make the factory greener, and achieve a win-win situation of cost saving and green development

in recent years, XCMG has taken the lead in launching qy25kq truck crane, xe215cn excavator, gr215 grader, lw500k, lw600k, lw800k series loaders, energy-saving and efficient mechanical single steel wheel roller, HZS series concrete mixing standard environmental protection station, and developed xe215hb hybrid excavator with oil-electric hybrid power system, saving more than 25% energy. Get involved in environmental protection equipment, provide complete solutions for urban environmental protection, effectively solve the problems of urban waste treatment, secondary pollution prevention, waste recycling, and improve the efficiency of urban waste treatment

in the production process, XCMG avoided the use of materials and processing technologies that pollute the environment and endanger human health. In the past three years, XCMG has not continuously innovated its organizational model and operation management mechanism, and there have been no major safety and environmental protection quality accidents. Pollution treatment and an active silicon dioxide source that can contain water, amorphous or colloid, and water source detection equipment are invested at all costs. A total of 28 construction projects in the company's existing plant area strictly implement the environmental assessment system, and invest 250million yuan in environmental protection funds. The concentration and total amount of pollutants are strictly controlled within the requirements of environmental assessment and approval. In view of 1757 manual welding operation points, on the basis of equipped with mobile welding dust remover, actively promote the treatment processes of suction arm type, blow suction type, integrated machine type, environmental protection welding gun and so on, which are in line with the process characteristics, to collect and treat the welding dust intensively, with a cumulative investment of 72 million yuan, and the emission concentration of welding dust is about 2.5mg/m3, which is lower than the national 4mg/m3 standard

XCMG also vigorously develops intelligent manufacturing, comprehensively promotes the intelligent improvement of the whole life cycle of product design, process, manufacturing, testing, logistics, marketing, service and so on, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of enterprises, reduce production and operation costs, and build a new manufacturing system. Through overall planning and implementation in the past three years, XCMG has continuously built intelligent manufacturing capabilities in all links of R & D, production, logistics and product services. A total of 11 intelligent demonstration workshops in Jiangsu Province have been built, the intelligent factory of wheel crane has won the first batch of intelligent factory construction projects in Jiangsu Province, and XCMG hydraulic parts "high-end fluid control and actuator intelligent factory" has won the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration and industrial interconnection application pilot demonstration

extending the whole value chain and leading the sustainable development of the industry

XCMG has always been committed to green development in the whole value chain, vigorously promoting the construction of green factories, and integrating the concept of green sustainable development into the whole value chain. Extend the "green" management concept vertically to upstream and downstream enterprises, continue to pay attention to the green performance of suppliers, play a leading role while achieving green development, and comprehensively promote green design and green manufacturing from the height of the industry. Establish supplier management and supplier performance evaluation systems, take green environmental protection as the entry threshold for the introduction of new suppliers, strictly enforce the green barrier of suppliers, and force upstream suppliers to develop green; Strictly implement the supplier classification management, and make the green information of the supply chain open and transparent

"remanufacturing" technology can not only save costs, but also effectively alleviate the shortage of resources and energy, and reduce the harm of a large number of invalid and scrapped products to the environment. In 2011, XCMG group was listed as a remanufacturing pilot enterprise by the Ministry of industry and information technology. In 2012, XCMG invested 50million yuan to approve XCMG Research Institute to carry out the group's major technological innovation project "research and application of reverse logistics and remanufacture technology for retired construction machinery products". After years of technical research and accumulation, it has successfully broken through the reverse logistics technology and remanufacture process technology of construction machinery, formed a perfect technical system and equipment for remanufacture, recycling, cleaning, testing and repair of construction machinery, developed a remanufacture management platform for complete machines and parts, built a standard system for remanufacture of construction machinery, and promoted its application to truck cranes, rotary drills, excavators, loaders Remanufacture of hydraulic cylinder, pump motor and other main engines and parts. In 2017, 581 truck cranes were remanufactured, 2325 core components were remanufactured, and the remanufactured output value reached 1billion yuan. In 2018, the remanufactured output value was 720million yuan

On June 11, nearly 30million new energy sanitation products were ready for shipment in XCMG environment Co., Ltd. this batch of products will be delivered to the Shenzhen market. The products cover 50 pure electric garbage cans, 4 pure electric washing and sweeping vehicles, 2 pure electric high-pressure washing vehicles and 1 pure electric road sweeping vehicle. The contract value of a single pure electric product reached a record high

based on XCMG's decades of deep technical accumulation, XCMG's environmental new energy and sanitation equipment has been upgraded iteratively, and a complete set of solutions for garbage collection and transportation and road cleaning have been completed with a new energy product group dominated by major models, including pure electric products such as cleaning vehicles, cleaning vehicles, multi-function dust suppression vehicles, barreled garbage transport vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, road sweeping vehicles and compression vehicles. XCMG new energy sanitation equipment is equipped with high-capacity batteries with strong endurance, which has achieved a significant breakthrough in product economy, safety, reliability and comfort. Some models have a constant speed range of more than 300 kilometers, and the whole series is equipped with fast charging as standard. It can achieve full power in 100 minutes, reaching full attendance throughout the day. At the same time, relying on the industrial advantages of the group, we have jointly launched a series of integrated pure electric products based on XCMG's independent chassis

the increasing haze pollution has brought deep troubles to people. Adhering to the concept of "leading technology and indestructible" to make handicraft products, XCMG has successfully launched a new generation of anti haze artifact - multifunctional dust suppression vehicle. It is also named "Rainbow car" because the water mist emitted during its operation will reflect beautiful rainbows under the sunshine. The product uses water mist to absorb dust in the air, desalinate the concentration of polluted particles in the air, and effectively reduce PM2.5, so as to achieve the effects of dust fixation, dust reduction, cleaning and purifying the air. XCMG's "job" is to reduce dust, remove haze and control the environment. In addition, it can also meet difficulties and fight fires to ensure people's personal safety, cool down and relieve summer heat, and perform the original technical highlights of the eighteen palm of environmental sanitation...

as early as many years ago, XCMG began to explore garbage classification while committed to the research and development of collection and transportation equipment. Supported by classified sanitation equipment, the whole process of classification has been effectively supervised. An efficient, environmental friendly and applicable industrial support system for the whole process of waste classification, input, collection, transportation and disposal has been established

XCMG series intelligent garbage sorting collection containers not only truly realize unattended and intelligent recycling, but also complete all kinds of garbage collection and data transmission, reduce the labor cost of domestic garbage sorting management, and realize the double improvement of work efficiency and management level. With the environmental sanitation smart cloud platform independently built by XCMG, the front-end classification of domestic waste is realized with Internet + smart devices, the middle-end command and deployment of personnel and equipment operation, the end waste classification reduction, resource utilization, harmless treatment and low-cost intelligent management and operation of urban environment. The system covers all links of the urban sanitation system and provides many smart and green services for government urban management departments, operators and residents

in XCMG automotive division, 200 natural gas tractors will also be launched in batches, marking that the new energy products of XCMG automotive division have once again won market recognition

as the investment in the whole industrial chain of new energy exceeds 50% of the total investment in the automotive industry, China's new energy automotive industry has finally reached a critical juncture from the cultivation period to the growth period. As a young auto enterprise, XCMG takes this industrial storm of great changes as the starting point to realize "overtaking by changing lanes" in the competition with mainstream auto enterprises. Since successfully obtaining the national production qualification of new energy vehicles in July 2017, XCMG has made breakthroughs in research and development, mechanism innovation, business reform, dedicated layout and made great strides forward

XCMG natural gas tractor was successfully offline as early as 2013; Since then, natural gas concrete mixers, natural gas dump trucks, new slag trucks and so on have been launched, which are closer to the market, more local characteristics and more obvious differentiation advantages. In 2018, pure electric new energy trucks achieved the first sales of new energy trucks at home and abroad, filling the gap in the export of pure electric logistics vehicles in China to developed countries. The lightweight technology of nxg50841x pure electric box transport vehicle and nxg1081 pure electric vehicle has reached the domestic leading level

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