Five most popular facts about powder coatings

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Five facts about powder coatings

five facts about powder coatings

February 24, 2020

powder coatings occupy an attractive market field. As the production of ternary materials continues to grow, they are expected to be used more in the future. There is enough reason for us to collect five interesting facts about paint

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the complete absence of VOC is one of the most commonly used arguments for powder coatings, and it is the main factor expected to grow in this segment of the coating industry. Other innovations in powder technology can also open up new markets for thermosensitive substrates and provide potential in the final application of long-life design. However, this technology also has limitations, making it a niche technology. An example is the advantage of wet coating when people want to coat large substrates

at present, the global powder coating market is estimated to be billion euros, and is expected to grow at a rate of about 5-8% per year in the next few years. However, 8% is a very optimistic expectation

the largest share of regional demand for powder coatings is in the Asia Pacific region. In particular, China, Alberta, Canada and Queensland, Australia are vanadium rich oil shale, and India is an important country in this region. The second largest market is Europe. Here, we will have to see how the current regulations on titanium dioxide will affect the market, because some powder coatings will be labeled as potential carcinogens in the future

powder coating adhesive powder coating is still dominated by epoxy polyester adhesive technology. Almost half of all powder coatings used worldwide are based on this technology

powder coating technology most powder coatings are thermosetting coatings. However, there is a niche market for thermoplastic coatings

the largest powder coating manufacturer. The largest enterprises in the powder coating field are AkzoNobel, aishide, Jotun, Japanese coatings, PPG and Xuanwei Williams

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