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Film covering quality inspection five methods

film covering is an important method to protect and beautify printed matter. This also improves the safety of the experimenters. The application of this method greatly enhances the brightness of the printed matter, which is the process effect of the printed matter to prevent dirt, water, discoloration, heat, sun and wear. It not only improves the beauty of the product, but also enhances the service life of the product, expands the sampling inspection of the product, and ensures the quality of the film covering process

during pre production and production, the coated products should be sampled and inspected to check whether the film is firmly attached to the surface of the printing sheet, so as to do a good job in the quality control of the production process, avoid the generation of waste products, and ensure the stability and qualification of the quality of the whole batch of products. According to the experience of production practice, there are only the following inspection methods:

1 Kneading test method. Take a film covering sample with an appropriate area and rub it back and forth with both hands like washing clothes. See if our technicians have analyzed the characteristics of the equipment for you to see whether the plastic film is separated from the printing sheet or blistered. The bonding is firm without film falling off, which indicates that the product quality is reliable

2. Tear test method. Uncover and tear off the plastic film layer on the film coated sample sheet by hand to see whether the printing ink layer and paper fibers are attached to the film layer in a large area. If there is a method of shore hardness tester measurement, it indicates that the process is normal

3. Pressure test method. Take the film covering sample to the die-cutting indentation machine, press it with a die-cutting knife or relief plate, and see if there is any bad condition at the pressure. If there is no delamination, the film covering quality is good

4. Heating test method. Put the film coated sample into the oven, and these components are circulated in the heating jacket and maintained in the temperature channel through the heating pipe. After baking at a temperature of about 65, the film does not fall off, blister or wrinkle, indicating that the film coating is normal

5. Immersion test method. After soaking the film coated sample in constant temperature water for about 1 hour, the film layer and the printing sheet do not separate, indicating that the film layer is firmly attached

through sampling inspection, it can not only guide the production correctly, ensure the smooth progress of the process, but also avoid the production of unqualified products, so that the product quality and production efficiency can be improved synchronously

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