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In the new era, China's industrial sector will take five measures to promote cleaner production

in the new era, China's industrial sector will take five measures to promote cleaner production

October 28, 2010

[China paint information] Miao Wei, Deputy Minister of industry and information technology, said on October 25 that China's industrial sector will take specific operational steps to carry out cleaner production in the new era, review, implement cleaner production plans, improve the level of cleaner production technology, promote ecological design We will improve five specific measures, including policy support, and promote advanced cleaner production methods with less consumption, less emissions, and high output

Miao Wei said at the national industrial cleaner production work conference that cleaner production is an important way for China to change the mode of industrial development by improving the efficiency of resource utilization and reducing the production of pollutants from the industrial source. However, by 2009, China's industrial enterprises carrying out cleaner production audits accounted for only 0.15% of the total number of industrial enterprises in the country. Cleaner production work is far from meeting the new situation and new task requirements of China's development, There are still big gaps and deficiencies

Miao Wei said that by carrying out cleaner production audits, finding out the key links of energy consumption, material consumption and emissions and the potential of energy conservation and emission reduction, and putting forward corresponding cleaner production implementation plans, it is an important technical method to promote enterprises to implement cleaner production, and it is also the premise and foundation of cleaner production. From the practice in recent years, the implementation of the scheme proposed by China's cleaner production audit is not ideal, mainly because the project has outstanding environmental protection characteristics, and the economic benefits are not obvious. In order to show that they can accurately control the angle of joint folding, researchers have also made several different versions of hinges with the same basic shape, and the polarity is not high. Next, China will adopt different policies and measures according to the cost proposed in the cleaner production audit plan. The central and local governments will work together to promote it, organize experts or entrust relevant institutions to systematically evaluate the audit process, report quality and implementation of the plan, and commend and reward enterprises that do well

Miao Wei said that in the process of promoting cleaner production, China will promote cleaner production technology innovation according to the different stages of technology, and concentrate on tackling a number of key and major common cleaner production technologies. At the same time, we should promote the demonstration of applied technology, accelerate the pace of industrialization, and strengthen the promotion of advanced, applicable and mature cleaner production technology to expand the scope of application. Local competent industrial departments will give key support to integrating cleaner production technology into local science and technology development plans, and encourage and support enterprises to implement technological transformation by using advanced cleaner production technology and processes

it is understood that in order to guide enterprises to accelerate the promotion and application of cleaner production technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology is organizing the preparation of cleaner production technology implementation plans for 9 industries, including copper smelting, lead and zinc smelting, batteries, leather, based on the 17 industry technology implementation plans that have been issued

Miao Wei revealed that on the basis of the existing financial support policies, China will improve policies and innovate mechanisms to provide strong support for cleaner production technology. First, investment subsidies will be adopted to increase the financial support for common and key technology application demonstration projects that have a great impact on the overall cleaner production level of the industry and have promotion and application prospects, and promote the industrialization of new technologies. Secondly, take the way of replacing subsidies with awards. For the cleaner production technology promotion demonstration projects that adopt mature, advanced and applicable, with a penetration rate of less than 50%, after the completion and acceptance, give a certain financial simple structure and advanced process technology political and financial incentives, promote the promotion of major technologies, and promote the overall cleaner production operators in the industry. 1. We must pay attention to the improvement of the cleaning level of fatigue testing machines. In addition, China will study and establish an investment and financing mechanism that supports cleaner production technology transformation in line with China's national conditions, establish a green credit mechanism that integrates industrial policy, fiscal policy and financial policy, and promote enterprises to implement cleaner production through industrial policy guidance, fiscal policy support and financial policy cooperation

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