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XCMG small construction machinery - "golden sunshine in the late spring cold"

XCMG small construction machinery - "golden sunshine in the late spring cold"

information on China's construction machinery. It determines the size of fixture structure and the labor intensity of fixture operation

recently, the sudden invasion of the cold current made the whole China enter winter again overnight, and the temperature in many places "plunged", The heavy snow that I thought I could only meet next winter quietly visited again, and suddenly the circle of friends became a snowy world. One of the "city elves" worked on the road, which caused countless compliments from the circle of friends. At a glance, this is not our small machinery for shoveling and transporting - the new K series skid steer loader, together with the municipal administration, swept and eradicated the snow and garbage in the Northeast snow, and showed its skills

it is reported that this skid steer loader is the 30 xc760k skid steer loaders of XCMG that won the bid in the early stage and recently arrived at the sanitation system of a city in Northeast China. Ren Yusi, in this "late spring cold" heavy snow, escorted citizens to travel and let them feel the warmth of XCMG's "Golden Sunshine" in the cold

XCMG skid steer loader incarnates into a small municipal crusher to carry out ground crushing operations

even in harsh environments, XCMG skid steer loader is still flexible when the standard tensile specimen is in the tensile state, and it is equipped with a screw drill for efficient construction

small and flexible. XCMG skid steer loader has become a necessary part of cabin operations

XCMG skid steer loader has strong power and rich, It can better adapt to the operation in narrow space. It is an ideal tool for road construction, municipal maintenance, dock loading and unloading, garden maintenance and pasture production. It has low cost and remarkable economic benefits. The new K series skid steer loader has a powerful and efficient power transmission system, ultra-low emissions and higher fuel efficiency. One machine has multiple functions, equipped with international general quick change device, which can quickly and easily replace dozens of machines and tools such as sweeper, planer, breaking hammer, ditching machine, etc

XCMG's telescopic boom fork loader has achieved mass export, leading the industry

dozens of telescopic boom fork loader long arms soared to the sky, creating a new record for the export of telescopic boom fork loader in China

dozens of XCMG excavators and loaders have been enlisted to escort the safety of the motherland

XCMG is a pioneer enterprise in the industry that takes the lead in focusing on small and multi-functional shovel transport machinery, and XCMG leads the development of a variety of mainstream small and multi-functional shovel transport machinery in China. Xm-14 skid steer loader, w excavator loader, gl883 telescopic arm fork loader, etc., which were first developed by XCMG, are all pioneering contributions of XCMG to China's shoveling machinery, and have established XCMG's leading position in the field of China's small shoveling machinery at one fell swoop. For decades, the sales volume of various products has always been far ahead, maintaining the friction wheel position of China's small construction machinery leader for a long time. (this article is from XCMG)

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