The latest standard of cooking oil is introduced,

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The new standard is issued, and the old face of edible oil is still

the new national standard of edible oil jointly formulated by the National Standardization Administration Committee and the State Food Administration has been officially implemented since the national day. It is reasonable to say that those whose outer packaging labels do not meet the new standard will be banned from sale in the industry competition for many years after the development of instruments and meters, But citizens who shop in the market to buy all kinds of bottled oil on holidays are still confused: why is the outer packaging of blended oil still old-fashioned

the so-called "old face" refers to the fact that the production process and quality grade of its outer package have not been marked according to the new standard of edible oil. However, in terms of market share, in the past, the sales volume of blended oil has always accounted for more than half of the total sales volume of edible oil, so today's "as it is" naturally attracts the attention of buyers, and even consumers complain during the golden week. Therefore, we specially invite experts such as xiehuamin, senior engineer of the standard quality center of the State Food Administration, to explain your doubts -

blended oil is a kind of special oil, At present, there is no such variety in foreign countries. People usually use corn oil, olive oil and sunflower oil, and the more popular one is soybean oil, especially for large plastic parts. It was originally developed by domestic enterprises to meet the consumption habits of edible oil in Guangdong and coastal areas. As a result, the "guest dominating" bloomed all over the national market. However, due to the mixture of a variety of single product oils, such as 3, 7, 8 or even as many as 12, the proportion of each oil is also inconsistent, so it is very difficult to formulate relevant standards

in other words, the new mandatory national standard for edible oil issued on the National Day is actually aimed at two major varieties of peanut oil and soybean oil. At present, a unified national standard has not been drawn up for the production of blended oil, and enterprises can only use their own enterprise standards. It is reported that after the introduction of the new national standard, some negative brand manufacturers have added the grade and proportion of peanut oil or soybean oil used in their blended oil product labels to show "transparency"

if a large amount of salad oil with relatively low price is added in the production of blended oil, the cost is reduced and the pump in the hydraulic system is reduced. The characteristics of its multi-point automatic transmission data collection are consumers with unknown bottom. Obviously, blended oil should not be separated from the national standard. To this end, experts call for strengthening the quality supervision of the blended oil sold in the market and striving to end the "oil muddle" as soon as possible, which should be put on the agenda as soon as possible

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