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The new "smart socket" is expected to solve the problem of electric vehicle charging

some cars can't be installed, or some piles can't be charged, which has been a worry for many electric vehicle users. In this regard, the premium of Guodian industry affiliated to the state power administration of the people's Republic of China soared. On the 20th, Qidong Automobile Service Co., Ltd. announced that it would widely install a new mini charging device in residential areas, especially in the parking lots of old residential areas and the surrounding roadside parking spaces, in order to solve the charging problem of electric vehicles

we can see that this kind of smart socket for electric vehicles called "e-genie" is only the size of A4 paper, just like a small box without any drag line. The user can insert the charging gun to start charging after sensing with the charging gun. Since the charging gun is equipped with a certain length of wire, it can support cross parking space charging and realize universal and shared facilities

bio isoprene is a new raw material produced by fermentation technology from biological raw materials. "In the first half of 2019, it will be piloted and promoted in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces and cities. After the pilot is mature in the second half of the year, it will be promoted nationwide." Shenjianxin, general manager of the state electric vehicle company, said, "the smart socket is built by us, and the charging gun is prepared by the user himself. We are also actively negotiating with the auto manufacturers, and we do not rule out that the charging gun will be given when buying a car from July 1 this year."

by the end of 2018, the number of electric vehicles in China has exceeded 2.6 million

"our research found that with the rapid development of domestic electric vehicles, the pain point of charging private electric vehicles has become increasingly prominent. At present, private passenger vehicles account for about 80% of the total number of electric vehicles. The parking habits and living rules of private owners determine that charging is mainly near residential areas that can be used for the separation of aromatic hydrocarbons and naphthenic hydrocarbons." Shen Jianxin said

it is understood that as a new Internet product, the smart socket of electric vehicles has changed the traditional mode of public and private charging piles, eliminating the trouble of car owners applying for installation and maintenance. Users can obtain information about nearby idle sockets, charging status and so on through the smart car service platform

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