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New spectral lighting technology surpasses the efficiency of halogen LED lamps

it is reported that luminus devices, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with carbon nanotubes, has a high thermal conductivity. Recently, luminus devices announced that it has launched a third proprietary spectral technology, perfectwhite, which almost completely reproduces the visual characteristics of halogen lamps (3000K). Halogen lamps are considered by many people as the gold standard of lamp quality in artificial lamps in the lighting industry

the company claims that its perfectwhite spectrum technology not only reproduces the output power of halogen lamps, but also makes further improvements. Luminus said that the new technology filled the gap of blue-green lighting, P to avoid rust in all parts. The color dots of erfectwhite are slightly lower than the blackbody curve. Therefore, perfectwhite does not have the common green/yellow hue of halogen lamps, nor does it contain ultraviolet radiation

Tom Jory, vice president of luminus lighting, said, "the spectral characteristics of halogen lamps make them very attractive, especially in hotel and museum lighting applications. Unlike other full spectrum LEDs that can emit harmful near UV radiation, perfectwhite provides the visual effect of halogen lamps by filling the blue-green gap in traditional LED technology." Perfectwhite spectrum technology improves luminus' unique led spectrum combination, including accuwhite and sensus spectrum technology, which can be applied to almost any cob LED products of the company

the spectrum accuwhite designed by the company can maximize the CRI performance, ensuring that the minimum CRI is 95 and the typical CRI is 98. It is worth noting that both lighting designers and visual display managers seek the highest CRI and TM levels for indoor lighting applications. ACC graphene biological devices: due to the modifiable chemical function of graphene, large contact area, atomic size thickness, molecular gate structure and other characteristics, uwhite LED has RF (fidelity) value as high as 95 and RG (color gamut) value as high as 100 in TM standard. At the same time, it can achieve efficiency as high as 125 lumens/watt at 85 ° C shell temperature

on the other hand, sensus spectrum technology solves the needs of retail stores and stimulates consumers' desire to buy by generating a whiter light environment, such as richer and more vibrant saturated colors such as blue and red. Sensus' 3000K and 3500K engineering spectra provide a gamut area index of up to 120 (GAI BB15) and chromaticity lower than the blackbody curve, so that pure, bright white and deeper colors can be perceived and the contrast can be increased. Luminus claims that although other LEDs may also produce pure white lighting, luminus' sensus can achieve pure white lighting without sacrificing efficiency, and can achieve 148 lumens per watt (LPW) efficiency at temperatures up to 85 ° C

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