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On January 6, 2011, Weiqiang, the global leader in industrial computers, grandly announced the latest board products using Intel q67/qm67 chipset, including ATX motherboard IMBA - Q67, micro ATX motherboard IMB - Q67 and mini itx motherboard Kino - qm67. Based on the superior performance of Intel lga1155 (atx/micro ATX) or socket G2 (Mini itx) processors, Weiqiang Intel q67/qm67 series products will meet the application needs of different industries such as game industry, security monitoring, public information system and high-definition digital signage

kino-qm67 supports Intel socket G2 (988b) processor, and ATX imba-q67 and micro ATX imb-q67 single board computers support Intel lga1155 processor. The on-board chipset, USB 3.0, SATA 6gb/s, Intel 82579 phy and other features of this series of products can make Weiqiang products have more obvious advantages in processing Excel data and video data transmission. At the same time, the environmental pollution of Intel q67/qm67 chipset plastic granulator is also quite serious. It supports Intel to actively manage 7.0 technology, allowing it personnel to remotely diagnose and repair problems

based on Intel AMT 7.0 functions, Weiqiang developed iezman and one click recovery to integrate the operational performance of remote KVM, recovery system and backup management. Through this tool, users can easily recover and control the remote computer through Weiqiang products. Weiqiang iezman and one click recovery function, as the unique selling points of Weiqiang, greatly improve the cost performance of this series of products and reduce the maintenance cost

this series of products is less than 10 months away from the launch of Intel q57/qm57 series products. Innovation is Wei Qiang's innate growth gene. Adhering to the concept of rapid innovation and professional research and development, Wei Qiang will continue to provide reliable and targeted solutions for many industries in the context of the University of things

what is iezman

via the out of band KVM function provided by Weiqiang iezman application, remote users can fully control the keyboard and mouse. In addition, remote users can view uninterrupted video output, even if the blue screen crashes or the disk is lost. These functions will be possible through the hardware based Intel Active Management 7.0 technology

iezman application is convenient for remote users to remotely control or perform management tasks by gradually moving the pendulum into the graphical user interface on the specimen support on windows. After entering this interface through password, you can manage all functions. Weiqiang iezman should program provides IT departments with remote client management, out of band (OOB) diagnosis and asset query functions. Therefore, the remote management platform can reduce TCO and improve efficiency in any system power supply or operating system environment

iezman function:

power management remote system power on/off or reset system

power schedule management set system startup time or shutdown time

remote access start CD-ROM, optical drive or ISO backup, Or enter the BIOS

group management to group the remote computers for monitoring and management

patch management install patches to the remote computers

at the same time, alarm actively in case of alarm and event system failure

one key recovery

Weiqiang's unique one key recovery solution includes a proprietary technology. With the click of a button, the operating system can be backed up and restored. Weiqiang's official certification logo is pasted on the one click recovery installation CD attached to all products such as Weiqiang's single board computer, embedded system and tablet computer, which supports Windows PE 2.0. In case of system failure, the one click recovery software can create all system backups and restore the system settings to the backup state or factory default state without the need for additional backup and recovery tools

with the one key recovery solution, all migration tasks can be completed through the remote control center, reducing maintenance costs and it management costs. It personnel and managers do not need to mirror, backup and migrate the system. Therefore, Weiqiang's one click recovery system simplifies the process of mirroring and migration, saving time and cost. Please note that Weiqiang's one click recovery software can only be applied to Weiqiang's products. If you run it on the products of other companies, you will be prompted that you are an illegal user

iezman and one key recovery solutions are the best choice for remote control and system backup and recovery on products equipped with Intel Q67 or qm67 chipsets and Intel AMT 7.0

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about Weiqiang:

Weiqiang industrial computer (IEI technology steel factory purchasing raw materials tends to stabilize y Corp.) is in a leading position in Taiwan's industrial computer industry, and is also one of the world's major industrial computer manufacturers. Weiqiang industrial computer is a subsidiary of ICP group. In Q1 2008, Weiqiang Shanghai Branch (Shanghai Weiqiang Industrial Computer Co., Ltd.) was established in Shanghai to professionally serve local customers in China

since its establishment, Weiqiang has always adhered to the concept of customer-oriented development, and has gained a high reputation in technology development, product design, customized products, business marketing and customer service. Weiqiang has successfully launched more than 600 products, including industrial personal computers, embedded systems, industrial computer chassis, industrial tablets, integrated workstations, digital signs, medical tablets, network switches, network storage devices, mobile tablets and other solutions. The products are applied in many industries, such as industrial automation, self-service terminals, network communications, national defense technology, rail transit, security monitoring, vehicle mounted, electric power, medical treatment, etc. In addition, in addition to selling brand products, Weiqiang also provides oem/odm customized services to meet the needs of all customers. Looking forward to the future, Weiqiang will continue to focus on the improvement of R & D and manufacturing technology, with the long-term goal of being the best partner of relevant partners. For details, please visit:

about Weida Power Group:

ICP group is a listed company in Taiwan. It has many brand subsidiaries, which are scattered in unused application industries. In 2005, Weida Group officially announced the division between OEM and brand management, and set up Chinese Mainland OEM headquarters core Weida Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It is a unique electronic manufacturing service (UEMS) provider, which has successfully assisted customers and partners in different industries in China and around the world to develop products, including manufacturing, communications, transportation, banking, entertainment, etc. In 2000, Xingwei Computer (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was founded, mainly producing all kinds of sheet metal chassis shells, industrial control special equipment, instrument parts and components and other related products. Its brand companies include IEI, oring, QNAP, blockbuster, etc., which provide customers with a series of products from industrial computers, industrial Ethernet switches, network memory, medical displays and so on. For details, please visit:

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