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The latest spectrometer can measure the maturity of fruits more accurately, and can connect with intelligent machines to analyze data

a physics paper published recently by British scientific report magazine shows that if people need to record the load deformation curve, a new stable and reliable handheld optical spectrum system is presented. This kind of equipment weighs only 48 grams, and performs exceptionally in the test of detecting fruit maturity. It can collect, store and analyze instrument data through wireless connection with matching intelligent applications

and the efficacy of the spring experimental machine is reflected.

optical spectroscopy system studies the properties of objects through the interaction between objects and light. It has many uses, including evaluating food quality, environmental sensing and drug testing. However, most industrial or laboratory spectrometers are expensive and bulky, and require accompanying computer equipment to collect data. Previous researchers have also developed portable intelligent spectrometer, hoping to be used in metallurgy, environment, consumer goods and other fields, but this kind of equipment has high requirements for resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, and its anti-interference ability is insufficient, so the data provided has not been stable and reliable

this time, Ann Schumann dass of MIT and his colleagues developed an 88 mm, 37 mm and 22 mm spectrometer prototype, which is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, fast and nondestructive, and has a special intelligent application interaction interface. At present, researchers have used this equipment to accurately evaluate the maturity of different varieties of fruits

in the experiment, the author of the paper used the handheld spectrometer to measure the ultraviolet fluorescence of chlorophyll in the apple peel during the 11 day fruit ripening process, in order to evaluate the maturity of three different varieties of apples (golden crown, Empire and Xu Apple). They proved that the results of the equipment were consistent with the destructive quality test results

researchers believe that non-destructive optical detection, such as the detection method adopted by their equipment, can effectively help farmers decide the best harvest time. The researchers also stressed that this device can also be transformed into a convenient device suitable for consumers to detect fruit maturity

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