The latest special purpose nylon comes out

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New special-purpose nylon comes out

shakespeae monofilament company introduces new special-purpose nylon 612 and 610 resins. Isocor hg19sc and hg26si are nylon 612 with low moisture absorption, high dimensional stability and good electrical insulation. Hg19sc is a low viscosity resin, which is used to produce glass fiber filling and other mixing materials, mold automobile connectors and lawn/garden equipment. Hg26si is a high viscosity extrusion grade, which is used for wear-resistant monofilament, cable sheath, pipe, film, etc. The company also introduced the strain curve 610 of transparent nylon pressure testing machine of injection molding and film extrusion grades. Cn30bt and cn30xt (UV stabilized) have medium viscosity and balanced performance in transparency and solvent resistance. What should we pay attention to? Plastic tensile testing machine is widely used to test the tensile strength and modulus of plastics. One of its uses is micro molding biological analysis equipment

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